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A lot of the time at JB Media is spent installing Control4 smart home systems. Many of these projects can take days even weeks to complete. Those smart home installations are very satisfying.

However, there's nothing quite like a TV installation with a lot of WOW factor to get our creative juices flowing. And since they're typically a one day affair, we get an immediate sense of satisfaction from them. That's why we never miss an opportunity to do a nice tv installation for a customer.
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  TV Installations made easy

Our approach

Our approach during the initial consultation is to listen to the client's needs. Within a few minutes of a conversation, we'll generally be able to determine what matters most to the client. For example, whether or not a client may want a Sonos Playbar or other soundbar incorporated into the installation. How many devices will be connected? Where would they like the devices located?

When working with clients, we take into account their vision of how they want their home to ultimately look. This allows us to design a tv installation or surround system that provides all of the entertainment they desire without the clutter of electronics gear in multiple areas of the home. We take a lot of pride in clean, professional, tv installations.

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We provide everything we need to complete the installation properly. No need to run to the big box store.

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