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Home Is Never Too Far Away.

At JB Media we can turn your iOS or Android mobile devices into the ultimate smart home command center. We'll connect your device directly to your Control4 system.

Now you can control and manage all of your system’s features, such as lights, temperature, cameras, audio/video equipment, smart door locks and more.

Do it all from down the hall or your office downtown.


It's All About The Entertainment.

Picture this, you've had a long day at the office. That's ok because you're ready for the easy part. Press "Entertain";

The lights adjust to the perfect combination of warm and inviting, your "party" playlist automatically starts and fills your home with your favorite music. The landscape lights glow light a beacon for weary travelers. Your guests are on their way.


Turn on the game room for the kids downstairs. Get the game ready on the TV's. Turn the speakers in the game room to the kids favorite Pandora station.

Was that the doorbell? See who's at the front door through the video doorbell and unlock the door for your guests. Do it all from the app on your phone.
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Video Doorbell- See who's at the door from the other side of the house or anywhere in the world. Control your playlist from the kitchen with a convenient touch panel or just say "Alexa, play my cooking jams".Control your outdoor television, speakers, even your landscape lighting and pool from an app or one of our professional grade remote controls. Start the day with your favorite jams or morning show. Just open the app on your ©iPhone or ©Android device and get started.Put the entertainment back in your entertainment system with one remote to do it all.Easily control your landscape lighting, set scenes and more easily from an app or touch panel.When you're getting ready in the morning listen catch up on the ©WeatherChannel from the master bath.Turn on the foyer lights from the car, or tell Alexa to turn them on for you. Control your pool and hot tub from the deck with a touch panel or remote control.

Home Control Without Limits.

With our complete design and installation services there's no limit to the control you can have over your domain. Stream your favorite services like Pandora in any room of the house. Control your home theater with a single remote. You can even just ask Alexa to handle it for you.

"Alexa, Turn On Home."

We've all been there—walking through the door into a dark house, arms full. Wouldn't it be nice to tell your house to offer a helping hand? Now you can. A simple voice command—such as "Alexa, turn on Welcome"—lights up the hallway and kitchen, fires up your favorite Pandora station, while the door locks itself behind you.