Why You Need a Soundbar For Your 4K TV Brainerd MN

You just bought a new 4K TV. Congratulations! No matter the manufacturer, the picture quality of the latest 4K TVs is stunning to say the least. 4K televisions are the most significant leap forward that televisions have made in years. You’re going to love the picture quality for years. Unfortunately, when you’re standing in the big box store, you’re only looking at the picture quality. Very rarely do they even have the sound turned up enough for you to hear what’s on the screen. We probably don’t need to tell you, the sound quality of a 4K TV that’s less than 2″ thin can leave something to be desired.

First, let’s take a look back at the evolution of the television. For years we had color televisions sitting on out floors or entertainment centers. They were good—enough. Then the technological revolution hit, and we were off to the races. In a few short years, our televisions became well…incredible. Think about everything a TV can do today that we take for granted. They’re High Definition; we can skype, download apps, stream Netflix, check our social networks, monitor our smart homes. There’s virtually no end to what our TVs can do today.

The 4K TVs of today can be less than 2″ thin, up to 85″ wide, at a price point that nearly everyone can afford. To give us bigger, better, and slimmer TVs, the manufacturers needed to make concessions. One of the areas they made concessions in, is sound quality. That’s where the sound bar comes in.

What does a soundbar do?

Simply put, a sound bar enhances the thin sound on your new TV and turns it into a home theater-like experience. Soundbars make your new TV even better whether you’re watching a movie, sports, or listening to music.

Soundbars are a complete speaker system specifically designed to make the sound as good as the video on your new 4K TV. They are designed to be wall-mounted under the tv, placed on a mantel or your entertainment center. Sound bars are a great way to bring your viewing experience to life.

Dolby Atmos

The good folks over at Dolby have been hard at work for decades making home .theaters sound great. If you’re not familiar with Dolby, they created the 5.1 sound design for home theaters and cineplexes around the globe. They’ve recently developed an even greater home theater experience, Dolby Atmos. They did it by adding layers of sound that comes from above the listener. Atmos allows audio engineers to take any sound, and have it travel any direction around you or above you. The results are nothing short of stunning.

Dolby Atmos Soundbars are Here!

Many manufacturers have released Atmos soundbar systems that incorporate the upward firing drivers that make surround sound genuinely come to life. Until now, the Atmos technology was reserved for only the most elaborate home theater systems. Again, welcome to the technological revolution, things change quickly.

The benefits of adding a sound bar to your new 4K TV are unmistakable. Your new soundbar will ensure that your viewing experiences are enhanced by audio that holds its own against the stunning visuals. Whether you go with a Dolby Atmos enabled soundbar or a Sonos Playbar, don’t forget to think about the sound quality of your new 4K TV. In the end, the decision will come down to budget, and how you plan to use it. Either way, the decision to add a soundbar to your entertainment system is a good one.

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